$35/hour, with a minimum of 4 hours per shift.

Working Together

I primarily work with first-time mothers but welcome all inquiries. As a twin mom, I consider it a distinct privilege to support parents of multiples. I love the diversity of families and believe every tribe can benefit from a postpartum doula. I stand for the empowerment of all parents and the wellbeing of their children. I’m here for you as and when you need me.

Gift It

Postpartum doulas are a wonderful asset to you and your flowering tribe. If friends or family are looking for a mom and baby gift, or live too far away to lend a helping hand, ask them for pre-purchased postpartum doula care.


Having Marloes take care of my twin 2-month olds overnight was a blessing! I had complete confidence in her and I knew the babies were in good hands. As a mother of twins herself, she knew the tricks of the trade and her compassion for the babies was obvious. She fed the twins, changed diapers, got them back to sleep, and tracked when they woke up, how much they ate, and any other issues that came up. She also helped us with dishes, laundry, and replenishing the diapers/wipes during her time at the house, all little things that make a big difference. This allowed me to get some much needed sleep and to decompress. I would have Marloes watching the babes every night if we could!

Cassandra F, Bellevue

As a first time mom, I needed support emotionally, physically and in very detailed ways! Marloes is just the Doula for me. She is knowledgeable, kind, nonjudgemental and patient. After a C Section and additional complications, Marloes was so helpful with the physical demands of an infant like diapering, swaddling, and rocking. Her soothing voice and nature immediately put my baby at ease. She taught us essential baby massage techniques and helped us to find the best tummy regiment for our baby.

Over the holiday season, I was stressed out with family and she was a huge support emotionally. She helped me to create new traditions for my own little family and to find my place again in my larger family. I struggled with post partum anxiety and depression; and Marloes encouraged me to seek professional support, while offering resources and a shoulder to lean on.

We are grateful for Marloes and hope she can help other families as much as she helped ours.

Beth M, Issaquah

I highly recommend Marloes and she has been absolutely instrumental in helping me adjust to postpartum life. She is incredibly knowledgeable as she is a mother of two and she is a wonderful resource for all questions that may arise after baby comes. My son has colic and Marloes helped to ensure me that it would pass and provided me with tips and resources to cope with a colicky baby. Most importantly, Marloes is personable yet professional- I felt as if I could ask her any questions ranging from breastfeeding and baby blues to how to best integrate technology into life with a baby - no question was too small and she is non judgmental.

She has been so supportive of me as a new mom and I have been so grateful to have her as part of my postpartum recovery. I feel her advice and encouragement has led me to be a more confident mom.

Nicole D, Issaquah

Thank you! You have been a lifesaver for me these last couple of weeks. From tasty dinners to lactation cookies, helping me organize things around the house and even sewing up more burp cloths. Every new mom would be so lucky to have you as their doula!

Yvonne H, Sammamish (Mom of twins)

I have worked with Marloes through her volunteer work at PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support) as a Group Leader. Marloes has led several groups for PEPS, and cares about the parents she works with, and is committed to providing a supportive, safe space for parents to share and support one another. She has supported parents in other ways through PEPS by volunteering at our events.

Marloes’ dedication to families and babies is evident through her work with not only PEPS, but other local organizations that serve families around Puget Sound!

Kintea Bryant, Program for Early Parent Support Program Director

I have had the pleasure of working with Marloes Koning on the board of directors for Seattle Families of Multiples (SFOM) for four years. She has volunteered in various roles, including leading new member outreaches, participating and coordinating guest speakers at local hospital-based classes for expectant parents of multiples, and as one of SFOM's first PEMS (Providing Early Multiples Support) group leaders. She helped ensure the success of the PEMS pilot project and the success of the network partnership between SFOM and PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support). Then, in 2015, Marloes stepped up into a leadership role as a PEMS coordinator, becoming a primary contact for all of our PEMS participants and leaders, and shepherding the program into the success it has become today. Currently, we serve a new group of local parents of multiples nearly every month of the year.

In this last year, Marloes has also reached out to another local organization (Eastside Mothers of Multiples) to share her experience and wisdom about SFOM and PEMS, in the effort to ensure that all new families of multiples have the opportunity to access local peer support and resources. As a volunteer, Marloes has demonstrated her deep passion for directly supporting families and for providing networks through which they build community with each other. She has been a contact for families at many of their most vulnerable points such as in high-risk pregnancies, during NICU stays, while bringing babies home, and as they learn to navigate struggles and celebrate successes as new units. She brings wisdom from her own experience as a mother, knowledge from her PEMS/PEPS leadership and doula training, resources from the wide network she has built, an understanding from her international experience in the diversity of family dynamics and of the variety of ways to become a successful, thriving family. Marloes has been entrusted with so many new families within SFOM and has consistently provided the very best of herself to them.

Carolyn Hostetler, Seattle Families of Multiples Board Member