None of us are born knowing how to care for a tiny human


We learn. It’s a convoluted adventure, raw and wonder-filled and fraught with guesswork. There’s no universal map through parenthood; we all experience it differently.

So, it’s fine if you’re uncertain or only have capacity to do the bare minimum. It’s absolutely fine if you’re managing but would still appreciate a little help. And it’s definitely fine to reach out either way. That’s why I'm here—to swaddle your newborn, and to support and reassure you as you transition into one of life’s richest seasons. I am a postpartum doula, and caring for you and your baby is my sole priority.


Postpartum Doula Care

Discover how I can walk alongside you in the early days of parenthood.


About Me

I know too well the big difference a little support can make. I’m here for you, from your very first day home.